Intel Preparing Pay-Per-Channel TV Service?

cablebox01dd5e8f-4d93-4dee-bb93-cd58e4e8008bIt's not often we talk about the powers that be over at cable companies on QJ, but I saw this article online and thought it might be interesting for all of you tech heads to read. Considering many of us have to shell out hundreds of dollars a month for channels we don't even use, there are plenty of us that feel there must be some more feasible way to get things done. If this new report is any consolation, maybe Intel will be the one to finally make us all cut the chord with their new plan.


If you've subscribed to cable before, chances are you probably already know that its all about the bundles. This can mean hundreds upon hundreds of channels that you may not even use, simply because one particular option allows you to use HDTV for example. However, according to a recent report from Forbes Intel may be the ones to directly challenge that model through their own "top secret" set top box that will allow users to pay on a per channel basis to access only the shows they want or need to watch.





What's the catch to all of this? You're going to need an active internet connection to get it all done. That could mean that you will probably still have to be forking over some deal of money to a major provider if you want to stream your TV, but the good news is it will probably cost you a little bit less. What's more is, there will also supposedly be a cloud-based DVR option to save the shows you don't have time to watch live as well. Sounds pretty awesome right? According to the report, Intel will be sending out a very limited beta of these devices come March of this year. Paying per channel sounds like a pretty solid concept, but will it be able to compete with other offerings that continually encourage us all to cut the chord?