Glowlanser 4: Wayfarer of Time

glansmFantasizing its ways to a PSP near you on July 24, is Growlanser 4: Wayfarer of Time, the fourth, pageantry, technological, role-playing saga in Atius’ franchise.

Developed in 2011 by Career Soft, Growlanser 4 boasts more than forty-hours of character development as well as more than forty potential endings to this lush, Japanese anime guided by user tactical game-play.





In a similar spirit to the immortal Final Fantasy franchise, Growlanser 4: Wayfarer of Time fanatics can interact with their team members, form close bonds and even romances, all of which can influence potential outcomes, as they combat mysterious angels that threaten total annihilation of the continent Noievarl, unless the chosen one (which the user can decide the leader) dares to thwart the same hand of fate dealt to their world more than two-thousand years ago.

With nearly a dozen characters at your disposal, Growlanser 4: Wayfarer of Time addicts no longer have to sit back and wait your turn. Both foes and characters can attack and roam simultaneously and even changing tactics in real time.  With hordes of ring armors and spells, now is the time to rid Noievarl of its sworn enemies through dungeons, and enchanted forests across the four countries of Noievarl!