Germany Following Ireland In Censorship Love

germanysmallGerman politicians want their‘own version of SOPA’




Heard of the Christian Democratic Union and the Christian Social Union? Well they form one of the ruling parties in Germany at the moment, and currently want their own version of SOPA for Germany.





They say that whilst certain parts of it are ‘problematic’, they support internet censorship, claiming that it’s not about censorship, but about ‘protecting artists from exploitation’. They then point the finger at SOPA protesters, saying that they are helping the illegal activities of sites like Megaupload.


Here’s hoping that Germany has the kind of uproar that the rest did and it gets shelved.


I had a Polish friend contact me from Ireland yesterday telling me to sign an online petition to ‘STOP SOPA IRELAND’. I gave it a look, and it wasn't a law that was in any way related to SOPA, (didn't even have the words SOPA in the whole thing) but was indeed a form of internet censorship with intent to stop piracy. It didn't involve affecting any online sites at all, but rather getting IP’s in Ireland to restrict the access of certain sites that are deemed to ‘enable piracy.’


The SOPA thing has shed light on it, but for years (and even now) I was faced with this image when trying to access ThePirateBay.


Here’s hoping countries will back down instead of step up in regards of censorship, and start using their heads to hinder piracy.