Flappy Bird Clones Multiply at an Absurd Rate

flapp1A new report shows an insane number of Flappy Bird clones on the market, reproducing faster than anyone can stop them.

Flappy Bird was something of a gaming phenomenon. The game rose from obscurity into a meme-generating rage machine, then exploded under the glare of its own popularity when the creator removed it from the app store. And because no new trend in gaming goes unpunished, the app store has been awash in Flappy Bird clones ever since.




But how many clones are there? Pocket Gamer actually did the math. As it turns out, 60 new clones were added between February 28 and March 3. Which, averaged out, equals about one new clone every 24 minutes. Every half hour, basically, some app-creating hack launches yet another version of a game we’ve already played.


Yikes. It’s pretty insane, especially when you consider that both Apple and Google are aggressively policing or flat-out banning games with the word “Flappy” in the title.


Anyway. No trend lasts forever. We’ll just have to wait this one out. Some other new thing will come along, and Flappy Bird will be but a memory.


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