Firefall to Get a Huge Update with Launch

firefall1Wait, what? Firefall is still in beta?

Firefall is a really weird game. It’s been in open beta for over a year, and the closed beta before that lasted months in its own right. During this extended testing sequence, Red 5 has rebuilt, reset, and flat out removed dozens of core gameplay elements, sometimes to the chagrin of Firefall’s players.




But apparently the studio is finally done tweaking. Firefall is due for actual launch on July 29. And it’s not just the content everyone has now that will be going “live.” According to Red 5, Firefall’s launch day brings the biggest update the game has ever seen.


The studio claims that the update will quadruple the size of Firefall’s world, and will add 15 times the content of what the game currently has. Oh, and PvP is finally coming back, because apparently Red 5 figure out how to make it work. Probably.


So there’s that. Anyone playing Firefall? Does news of a launch/update make you more interested in the game? I tucked into both the closed and public betas and found a pretty game without much depth; perhaps it has changed in the last year?