Facebook Games are Doing Alright and Someone Leaked the Ending to The Last of Us

lastof1Looks like people are still playing those pesky Facebook titles, and oh, hey -- watch out for Last of Us spoilers.

Facebook Games: Rocking and Rolling


People have talked a lot about the downslide of social gaming and we’ve seen more than a few social studios shut their doors. However, Facebook’s gaming business as a whole seems to be doing quite well. According to recent financial data, Facebook saw its highest quarterly revenues - ever - from social games this last quarter.




Game payments are up 12 percent, with total revenue landing at $213 million. Here’s CFO David Ebersman:


“We’re pleased that Q1 represented our largest three months quarter of games revenue to date despite a 37 percent drop in year over year payments volume from our largest developer, as our other developers increased their payments volumes by almost 60 percent and we saw a record number of people playing games on Facebook.”


Not too shabby. Oh, and if you’re curious, total Facebook revenue for the quarter was $1.46 billion.


Do you play any games on Facebook?




Next up: The Last of Us, spoiled (but not by us).





Heads Up: Someone Leaked the Ending for The Last of Us


People are pretty stoked on The Last of Us. The first post-Uncharted game from Naughty Dog, The Last of Us promises a deep human story, zombies galore and probably some other interesting stuff as well. But be careful if you’re looking for info on the game in forums and other dark corners of the web -- some nefarious web nerd has leaked its ending.




Here’s the basic gist: Sony dropped a demo for The Last of Us with God of War: Ascension. And a few crafty hackers managed to snatch up the files on the disc to figure out how the rest of the story plays out. The info revealed covers whether some characters live or die, and the general direction the ending will take.


So watch out. Don’t get spoiled! Unless you don’t care, in which case, go do that.


The Last of Us launches June 14. Will you be playing it?