Europe is Getting an Adorable Pink and White 2DS

2dss1Aww. Look at how cute!

Nintendo has just announced a new addition to the 2DS line-up, this one a cute and cuddly pink and white. The new 2DS will be hitting shelves in Europe on May 16 alongside Kirby: Triple Deluxe. It’s actually quite similar to the pink model just revealed for North America, but with the pink and white inverted.




The 2DS has been around for about five months now and seems to have been a pretty big success for Nintendo. Its lower price, tougher design, and the 3DS’s nice big library of solid titles have made it into one of the company’s better performers. The only downside is that it doesn’t support 3D, but with so many 3DS gamers disabling this feature anyway it doesn’t to seem to be much of a thought.


Stay tuned. Nintendo is known for bringing out lots of location-specific handhelds so it’s possible there are even more planned for this year. With Luigi’s year over, perhaps now’s the time to give another Nintendo mascot some much-needed attention.