EA: Mobile Dungeon Keeper was ‘A Shame’

DUNGEON1People were pissed about microtransactions in the new Dungeon Keeper. And EA apparently gets it now.

When word spread that EA was reviving the beloved Dungen Keeper series as a mobile title, gamers were excited. That is, of course, until the actual game came out and people saw how over-burdened it was with microtransactions. Simple actions that were executed without a thought in previous games in the series had now become “premium” options, or charged with ridiculous cooldowns designed to spur people into paying to play.




The backlash was fierce and immediate, with countless gaming sites and fans taking EA to task for screwing with such a well-liked IP. And EA, apparently, has heard those complaints.


Here’s EA CEO Andrew Wilson:


“For new players, it was kind of a cool game. For people who'd grown up playing Dungeon Keeper there was a disconnect there. In that aspect we didn't walk that line as well as we could have. And that's a shame. We misjudged the economy.”


In other words, “We got the rubes and that worked out okay, but all these experienced gamers really fucked us over.”


However you interpret the dodgy quote, EA is reconsidering how it approaches microtransactions and games pricing. Wilson says, “when you're thinking about any business model, premium, subscription, free-to-play, value has to exist. Whether it's a dollar, $10, $100 or $1000, you have to delivering value, and always err on the side of delivering more value, not less.”


Make of that what you will.