EA Mobile: Dungeon Keeper ‘Innovated Too Much’

dungeon1Oh, EA. You really are the best jokers in the industry.

You know why people were so upset about Dungeon Keeper Mobile? It’s because EA was just too innovative for gamers to keep up. That’s the thought of EA’s mobile head Frank Gibeau, who in an interview with Games Industry International went on the record about the mobile department’s recent successes and failures.




Here’s the exact quote, so we’re all on the same page:


“I think we might have innovated too much or tried some different things that people just weren't ready for. Or, frankly, were not in tune with what the brand would have allowed us to do.”


Fans of Dungeon Keeper may remember that the mobile version of the game was a far cry from the rest of the series, demanding in-app purchases for actions that used to be simple and easy in the original game. Gibeau’s comments may seem a little tone-deaf to those folks upset about the mobile title’s flaws, and certainly calls into question EA’s sense of “innovation.”


So what are your thoughts? Was Dungeon Keeper too innovative for you?


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