Download Roundup: PSP Scene Alive and Kicking, But One PS3 Tool Conquers Them All!

QJ DownloadsI'll admit that the week of E3 was a slow time for new scene releases, which made me unable to write a full column last week. To make up for that, I am back with a vengeance. This week, PSP homebrew saw a massive surge over at dl.qj but a great PS3 tool managed to keep you the most excited of all. Intrigued to hear more? Read on to see what you've been missing!










I'll admit that the week of E3 was a slow time for new scene releases, which made me unable to write a full column last week. To make up for that, I am back with a vengeance. This week, PSP homebrew saw a massive surge over at dl.qj but a great PS3 tool managed to keep you the most excited of all. Intrigued to hear more? Read on to see what you've been missing!



PPSSPP v0.8 - Windows / Android



The PSP has an interesting image in the video game industry. Almost a decade ago, Sony released its first attempt at a portable gaming system, and let's just say the initial reviews were quite a bit mixed. In a way that is somewhat similar to what we're seeing today on the Vita. It was no real match in sales to the competing Nintendo DS. However that didn't stop a very strong and passionate internet following from emerging around the system. Most of the intrigue was about the hardware hacks the community was able to find, and it's for that reason we're still talking about it today. So many of us have amassed a huge collection of backups that we love, and at this point they have become true classics.



Final Fantasy Crisis core



So what happens when an addition to the classic system catalog emerges? We strive to emulate it on as many pieces of hardware as possible! That is the goal behind Henrik's PPSSPP. This software is designed to load those amazing backups on everything from your Windows PC to your Android tablet. The best part about version 0.8 is that it does an even better job accomplishing that function. The creator says that ISO compatibility has increased dramatically and there is full sound and video support for most playable games. There's also the ability to take screenshots and the early makings of a cheat feature. Should you use another OS, the link above will guide you to a place to look for some more options. Needless to say, PPSSPP brings one of the most oddly iconic handheld experiences almost anywhere you want it.



Keeping along the portable trend, next up is a PSP plugin that you have all come to know and love!











CustomHOME v1.3.4 - PSP



If you've ever used a PSP before, then you're probably well aware of how the home button works. You hit it, and it gives you the option of heading back to the XMB to find something new to do. It's a pretty simple and critical function to say the least, but what if you could do more? Thanks to this amazing plugin you can! CustomHOME takes that single, important button and puts it on steroids. Instead of just bringing you to the main menu, CustomHOME allows you to do things .like switch between system power states, toggle USB Mode, and even load save states should you have the proper add-on installed. Needless to say, this added boost in functionality is something that scene members have come to know and love.



CustomHome PSP



The changes in this build were small, but they make sure the plugin's wallpaper is displayed how you like it. There are also revisions made to the cushome.prs file as well which should reduce bugs and glitches. Want to go home in style? This is the download for you!



Plugins are cool and all, but my next homebrew for Vita remains simple and effective!











VCalculator v1.0 - PS Vita 



No matter how flashy or brilliant the right homebrew game or backup can be, sometimes functionality trumps all. Looking for an app you can easily apply to any number of real-world scenarios? VCalculator for the Vita is most certainly it. Unfortunately, I don't have too much of a elevated description to give you, but I can promise you that it works as advertised. With a little help from the Vita's incredible OLED display, VCalculator turns your portable into a pretty advanced math-solving machine. I'm not one for numbers, but the coder even says that his program can run some "technical syntax related formulas" alongside its basic options.






Of course because this is a first release it's not without its problems. There are some hitches with the Chinese language support, a few options remain unworkable, and you may or may not encounter a black screen every once and a while. Hopefully these hitches get fixed in due time, but so far this is a pretty solid attempt at bringing real-world use to a gaming device.



If you're tired of math, I'll show you a PSP homebrew based off one of the best multiplayer franchises ever created. Just keep on reading!











CSPSP v1.92 - PSP



Over a span of about fifteen years, Counter Strike has remained one of the single most popular multiplayer games with good reason. At a time when internet play was in its infancy, Valve took the risk to design a game entirely for those few with a nice computer and a stable connection. In the beginning, what we got was an industry-defining product with a need for increased specs. However, time and hardware advancements have been good enough to us that we've probably all played this tactical shooter at one time or another. The game has become famous for its well-designed maps, simple objectives, and talented base of players that remain as unforgiving as ever.





CSPSP tries to continue that trend by bringing the Counter Strike experience to the original Sony handheld. Obviously because both our system resources and development tools are far from complete, this is nowhere near an exact port. However, the developments are still pretty interesting. As you can see from the video above, the player walks through each map from a birds-eye perspective and shoots down their opponents. Graphically what you'll get in CSPSP is a lot better than most homebrews. As is the tradition, there are also multiplayer modes you can try. With this recent update, they should should allow you to sign in with multiple PSPs and have reduced server crashes. If you can't get enough CS, this is a game I highly recommend.



So what's the download to beat them all? A PS3 tool with a simple and crucial function!











Bruteforce Edat v1.2.1 - PS3



Aldo has become a pretty major player in the PS3 scene thanks to his popular collection of tools. However, every once and a while the modder puts out an update to a single program if he feels that it is worth our time. Such is the case with the brand new Bruteforce Edat. As the name implies, this tool looks at Sony EDAT files to find their klicensee. Once that information has been located, there are any number of things that a scene member can do with it. The most useful of choices would be to decrypt and repackage an official file for custom firmware use.



BruteForce edat



Probably the biggest change here is in regards to speed. With a little help from the developer known as JjKkYu, this tool is nearly instantaneous when finding the keys you need. No more waiting hours or even days to get the job done right. This is bruteforce as fast as we know how to do it! In fact, the changelog even refers to it as "super fast." PS3 tools don't generally get much attention 'round these parts, but the stats show that there is something very special in this latest effort from a valued scene contributor.



That's all I have for today, but hopefully more fixes and updates will be coming. Until then, I'll be scouring the web to locate them for you. Don't forget to check dl.qj for more updates later in the week!