Download Roundup: PSP Homebrew and Estwald’s Mods Stir the Scene

 DownloadsDownload Roundup is back to bring you a few of the latest files in our downloads section at Looking for a few great PSP homebrew games to capture your attention; or maybe you miss the legacy that PS3-man Estwald left behind? This is an edition for you! check out all the details here!










Download Roundup is back to bring you a few of the latest files in our downloads section at Looking for a few great PSP homebrew games to capture your attention; or maybe you miss the legacy that PS3-man Estwald left behind? This is an edition for you! check out all the details here!



Iris Manager (Alexander) v2.60.1 - PS3



Not all that long ago, a developer known as Estwald left the scene to pursue some other projects. However, he didn't leave before giving us the source code for his work. Most notably of course is the man's popular backup manager called Iris.So far, we've seen teams like PS3ITA already working from the base code with their own updates, but now Alexander has thrown his hat into the ring with Iris Manager mod version 2.60.1.






So what has this new developer improved? The 4.46 payload was added to make sure that fan control features and the entire manager are compatible with the very latest batch of 4.46 custom firmwares. The Italian language files also got a much needed facelift as well. If you were having trouble launching homebrew with the previous version, those crashes have been addressed. In general, this is not too different from what we saw at PS3ITA last week, but it's the first app to carry the true Iris Manager name. Alexander has some big shoes to fill.



Want to spend the summer cruising in a pixelated car? The PSP homebrew on the next page is just what you need!











CarroPX v1.5 - PSP



Avoidance games are in many ways the bread and butter of the PSP homebrew scene. After all, they offer a pretty simple concept with no need for high-end graphics arrangements. Most of all, many of them can be pretty darn fun. Next in that long tradition comes CarroPX. In the game, the player drives a pixelated car through ten levels while avoiding obstacles that fall into its path. As a part of the experience, you will have the chance to pick the level of difficulty and speed at which you travel. The longer you last, the higher your end score will be.





Thankfully, CarroPX 1.5 offers up some pretty exciting new features into the mix. Most notably is full support for the English language. That means you won't have to brush up on your high school Spanish skills to enjoy this fun ride. A lot of the other improvements come by way of the records you break and set. A new message will pop up when you have passed a high score, and you will be able to see the number you are trying to beat as you drive.  There is also an auto-save feature for the highest score and a way to clear all of your records should you want to do that. See this homebrew in action from the clip above!



Want to keep your PS3 cool? Next is another Estwald mod made for CFW PS3 users!











Control Fan Utility (baxalo) v1.9 - PS3



Iris Manager wasn't the only former Estwald project to get the update treatment thus week. Next in the line of mods comes Control Fan Utility. Just as the name suggests, this tiny CFW app is designed to give scene members greater control over their PS3 console's fan during more demanding tasks. If you feel like your system is getting too hot while playing backups, Control Fan Utility will run in the background to keep your fan going long after the basic firmware files would have told it to shut off. These features are included in the latest build of Iris Manager, but this might be helpful for use with other launchers such as MultiMAN.



PS3 Control Fan Utility



To add something a little more current to the mix, baxalo has included support for the 4.46 payload that promises complete support for all 4.46 custom firmwares. There are also a few minor bug fixes to be addressed as well. Earlier in the week, Alexander swooped in with v1.8.1 that addresses some language file inaccuracies. Through the power of teamwork, Estwald's legacy has lived on!



Gambling and Mario don't seem like a great pair. However, you might change your mind once you get a load of the PSP homebrew game I have featured on the next page!











Mario Machine Fruits v1.0 - PSP



Over the course of his career, Mario has been just about everywhere. We've seen him beat up Pokemon in Super Smash Bros., drive go-karts in Mario Kart, and even saw him play a few sports like tennis and golf. That being said, there aren't many places that the plumber of Mushroom Kingdom hasn't explored. Yet, this new homebrew by zombieskull leaves uncharted territory to explore. That's right my friends, we are taking Mario to Las Vegas! With this simple concept game, the player bets on certain franchise characters to see how often they appear in the slots.



Mario Machine Fruits



In specific, you'll have twenty tokens to bet on any one of the title's eight possible characters. You can wager up to nine of those coins in one single place. After that, you hit X to gamble and try your luck. If you place your bets correctly, you'll be able to keep playing to take home even more virtual money. It should be noted that this is a Spanish language homebrew, but that hasn't stopped many of you from trying it out anyway. Is lady luck on your side?



So what was the most popular download of the week? How about a recreation of a popular mobile game! All the details are just one click away!











Plants vs Zombies 2: It's About Time v0.5 (beta) - PSP



Speaking of unlikely pairs like the one on our last page, this mobile and PC classic has taken the world by storm. Did you ever think that plants and zombies would co-exist in the same universe? In this tower-defense title, you play as the gardener that tries to provide the best lineup of shrubs to defend against an unavoidable zombie invasion. At the beginning of each round you'll be able to set up your forces with a limited amount of seeds, and then see what happens once your enemies begin to approach. If none of your chlorophyll-filled friends get attacked, you have done your job well.



Plants vs Zombies 2



Part of the reason this beta is so popular in particular, is because the sequel hasn't even been released in some international territories. That obviously didn't stop our community from trying to emulate it. There isn't much to be said in the (poorly) translated changelog, but you may need to change the read access of the folders to get them running correctly. While bugs may appear, you can at the very least add your own music to the experience with the MP3 Player plugin. Are you ready to take on some zombies?



Those are all the downloads I have for today! Be sure to check in at dl,qj to see even more of what the scene has to offer. Until next time, this has been another grand edition of Download Roundup!