Crytek’s Mobile and Tablet CryEngine Now on Display in The Collectables

collec1Mobile phones have officially surpassed your 2007 gaming PC.

Crytek is known for making games that push hardware to its limits. Crysis was something of an industry graphics benchmark when it launched, and since then CryEngine has been one of the big leaders in visual fidelity, physic, and every other little thing that makes a graphics engine work. And now it’s all available in the palm of your hand.




The Collectables, which launched today for iPhone and iPad devices, features a fully-mobilized version of CryEngine. An Android version will be released soon. The game is a free-to-play tactical action title that relies on a collectable card system (read: microtransactions) for skills and progression. Pretty cool to see CryEngine running on such a small screen; it’s amazing how far mobile tech has come.


If you want to make a game in CryEngine, you might have the chance soon. Crytek has announced plans to license the engine to developers for $9.90 a month (per user). Not too shabby, eh?


Anyone played The Collectables? What are your thoughts on the mobile version of Crytek’s device-destroying engine?