Cryptic Studios delivers promise: first Star Trek Online gameplay footage unveiled

Cryptic Studios working on Star Trek Online - Image 1The Star Trek Online first ever gameplay video has finally been unveiled, as promised, by Cryptic Studios at the Star Trek Convention held recently in Las Vegas. For more details on what went down, head on over to full article.

Star Trek Online Announced - Image 4As promised, Cryptic Studios unveiled the very first gameplay trailer for their upcoming massively multiplayer online game based on the popular science-fiction universe, Star Trek Online.

Making an appearance along with Cryptic chief creative officer Jack Emmert for the presentation at the Star Trek Convention held in Las Vegas was actor Leonard Nimoy, the original officer Spock in the television series. From what's been revealed thus far, Star Trek Online is set in the year 2049, and players can choose to play as either a Federation or Klingon captain.

The very first trailer shown is claimed to be comprised entirely of in-game engine gameplay footage, so we guess that's a pretty solid indication of what things we might expect from the title. You can view it by heading to the Star TrekOnline official website.

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