Constructor HD Announced

Looking for some tried-and-tested competitive building simulation fun? We have an announcement for you!

Those of you longing for the day you can enjoy old school building sims on your home consoles are in for a treat; today System 3 announced that a HD remake will be bringing back their 1997 competitive building tycoon simulator not only to PC, but also to the PS4 and Xbox One.

The game has had previous Sony incarnations, having hit multiple generations with the PlayStation, and later the PS3 and PSP via the PSN, so if you can't wait for the upcoming HD release, you don't have to go through tinkering with MS-DOS emulators or digging out your old 1990's rig.

The gameplay of Constructor is competitive, unlike most building simulators, with the map being split across different teams, each using any tactics, often underhanded, to take over the rivals and climb the property ladder, utilizing workers and building facilities like sawmills to elevate from cabins to mansions.

Properties can then be used to house 'undesirables' (street thugs and layabouts) who can then be used to bring down your foes.

Heading the development of the title is John Twiddy, so this looks set to already be in safe hands for it's January 2016 release date, however the released screenshots show that the HD makeover is already looking crisp.