Check Out This Super Mario World Glitch

mario1Wanna float through Super Mario World on a cloud? Here’s how to do it.

One of the absolute best things about the internet is that it has created a way for gamers to share knowledge about cheats, glitches, and other cool stuff that used to be relegated to the pages of magazines or “game counselor” tip lines. Thanks to YouTube and websites in general, everyone has easy access to all of gaming’s coolest secrets.


For example, this neat little Super Mario World glitch that allows you to turn Lakitu into a usable item and gives you the power to float effortlessly through levels:



It’s pretty fun to see glitches for classic games still being discovered and shared. One note on this particular bug: It’s very difficult to pull off and requires a bit of precise button pushing, which places it firmly in the "advanced" glitches category. It's not something you'll be able to pull of without practice.


What are your favorite video game glitches? Share them with us below!