Captain CPS-X Releases RetroArch Mod 0.9.8

RetroArchIn case you didn't already know, RetroArch is a serious emulation force within the PS3 hacking scene. While older communities like the PSP often rely on completely separate programs to get their emulation done, this is an all in one solution for a much more powerful console. While an official update made its way onto the internet last week CaptainCPS-X has found a way to improve the already solid formula.



When talking of the RetroArch project, one concept that remains important is the number of cores. The cores are essentially what allow you to play all of the different systems that this project can accommodate. You use an NES core to play NES games and there is one for every other supported system there as well. In addition to the ones found in 0.9.8 however, this one also goes above and beyond to add the SNES9X-NEXT and FB Alpha cores. This means you'll have another way to enjoy SNES, and you'll now be given the chance to play some old arcade titles too if that's more your style.









As if the cores weren't cool enough, changes have also been made with regards to your options for booting ROMs too. Should you want to do so, you'll now be able to launch games right from within the Retro category of multiMAN. This should work regardless of what custom firmware you are using. It should be noted though that the official RetroArch 0.9.8 must be installed first before adding this little mod. Should CaptainCPS-X's version give you any issues, that official build isn't too bad to stick with either. Start emulating all you PS3 hackers!