Capcom Investigates Bringing Ace To The West Again

acesmallYou might be enjoying the ease in getting your Nintendo titles, but getting a Japan exclusive is a tad harder. Capcom addresses this and offers a little bit of hope to Ace Attorney fans.

Ace Attorney Investigations 2, the DS title that was released exclusively in Japan on February last year, is apparently still on the ‘possibility cards’. In a recent ‘Ask Capcom’ event (stream still available here), Consumer Software Senior VP Christian Svensson told fans that a localization of the game may yet happen.


What does this mean for Ace Attorney fans? It means that while nothing is imminent and you shouldn't be expecting any announcements soon, it will probably be on to go at some point towards the end of the year or early next year. At which point it might even be a 3DS title on the eShop or, like other Ace Attorney titles, iOS.




In the meantime, you’re best off learning Japanese, waiting patiently or hire a very faithful live-in translator to help you play the game.


While I’m against gamers kicking up fusses in demanding more from developers, kicking up a fuss like that Mass Effect 3 mess could push things along quicker, as a vague statement like this sounds to me like ‘We have the resources to do it now, but we've got other projects like bad Resident Evil spinoffs to work on’.


That’s just my 2 cents; are you looking forward to seeing the game come to the West?