Capcom Announced That The New Street Fighter V Will Not Have Purchasable DLCs

Capcom Announced That The New Street Fighter V Will Not Have Purchasable DLCs



Capcom’s new Street Fighter V game will no longer have purchasable DLCs as Capcom had announced at the EVO Panel that players will be able to earn their DLCs for free simply by playing the game. Unlike previous games, players now only need to buy the disc and all future updates and DLCs will be free. Thus marks the end of the “Turbo” and “Ultra” editions of the game. This new Street Fighter game will have 16 playable characters, 12 original and 4 new characters. Some characters include Ryu, Ken, Cammy, Chun Li, M. Bison, Birdie, and Nash. In addition, it is said that new characters will be added to the game over time. Street Fighter V will feature an in-game currency called “Fight Money” that players can earn by playing and they are able to utilize this in-game currency to purchase new characters. The game also features a premium in-game currency called “Zenni” for players willing to spend a few extra cash instead of taking their time to earn the regular in-game currency. 

On another note, Capcom intends to make the character Ken Masters more aggressive and able to rush up to the opponent more than previous Street Fighter games so that it differentiates him from Ryu. In addition, Ken will have new moves, other than the shoryuken, to further differentiate him from Ryu. Capcom also removed his original costume and is noted to be more stylish in this new Street Fighter game. Not only will Ken have new moves, other characters will also have a new move in Street Fighter V thanks to a new Variable system and V-Trigger. 

Street Fighter V will be released on PS4 and PC in spring of 2016. If players are interested in testing out the beta version, you must pre-order Street Fighter V from Best Buy, Amazon, Gamestop, or the PlayStation Network.