Candy Crush Saga Boasts 93 Million Daily Players

candy1Are you one of the zillion players still enjoying Candy Crush Saga?

All the hubbub over trying to trademark the words “Candy” and “Saga” doesn’t seem to have hurt their player base; information revealed in the studio’s IPO filing shows that over 93 million people log in to play the game every single day.




King, which is aiming to raise about $500 million from the IPO, represents a fairly risky deal for investor. Mobile studios have been imploding left and right for the last few years, and unlike Zynga (which is in trouble itself), King doesn’t have a wide stable of successful games. Instead, it has one money-maker and a bunch of half-successful spin-offs.


We’ll have to wait and see how the IPO goes. King made a profit of $568 million in 2013, a massive increase from the $7.8 million it pulled in during 2012. As for whether the studio can maintain this level of growth, well, time will tell.

Actually, wait. Time won’t tell. No studio can maintain 7,000% growth. The end.