Battlefield 3: Aftermath Live and in Action

bfaft1With Call of Duty on the horizon and a new Medal of Honor launching next week, DICE attempts to keep Battlefield 3 players engaged with all new-DLC.

Check it.There is a crossbow in this Battlefield 3: Aftermath trailer. That’s pretty much all you really need to know. But hey, if you’re the stodgy type, unable to be won over by crossbows, there are other things you may want to see as well: New maps, new dog tags, new vehicles, a new multiplayer mode and a bunch of other new crap.

Seriously, just watch. It’s not like you’re working:


And since this is Battlefield 3 DLC we’re talking about here, we’d be remiss to not outline the ridiculous release schedule. Here’s that:

  • BF3 Premium Subscribers on PS3 – November 27
  • BF3 Premium Subscribers on Xbox 360/PC – December 4
  • Regular PS3 Players – December 11
  • Regular Xbox 360/PC Players – December 18



Whew. Seriously, there’s no better way to do this?