Apple Plays Chaperone in the App Store

weddap1If there’s one thing Apple can’t stand, it’s people having a good time.

Want to pretend to grow weed via a mobile game? If you’re an iPhone owner, tough luck. Apple has just removed a popular App Store item centered on the tending of a virtual marijuana garden. The game, Weed Firm, was the number one app in the “All Categories” section of the App Store, until Apple pulled it without comment.




Of course, the iTunes store guiedlines clearly state that Apple can remove a game at any time for any reason, or for including content the company considers illicit. The game’s creator has indicated that they’ll be working to censor the game to ensure it can clear the iTunes hurdles from this point forward.


Here’s a statement:


“We guess the problem was that the game was just too good and got to number one in All Categories, since there are certainly a great number of weed based apps still available, as well as games promoting other so-called 'illegal activities' such as shooting people, crashing cars and throwing birds at buildings.”