Alien: Isolation moved 2.1 million

ali1Sega had another tough year, it seems.

Sega has pushed live its full-year financial report, and according to the company the results aren’t great. Despite selling 12.3 million games, earning a year-on-year increase, and making some money, Sega labeled the results as “weak.” Because video games.


Among the numbers? Creative Assembly’s Alien: Isolation sold 2.1 million, which isn’t huge but is still a nice little showing for what most agree is an exceptional title (maybe the best Alien game ever). It’s rumored that Creative Assembly has something else in the pipeline; we’re all stoked to see what it may be.




Sega’s reasoning is legitimate, of course. The company did okay, but it hoped to do better. It’s unclear if 2015 will be a better year; Sega doesn’t have anything particularly huge on deck.


Did you play Alien: Isolation? What did you think?